052 2018-10-10

Container homes pt.3: mobility

I’m contemplating the notion of a mobile foundation, i.e: on wheels.

There’s a whole “tiny home” movement out there which consists of a bunch of crazies wanting to live in a house built on top of a tractor-trailer. The houses typically look like this:

tiny home

I say crazies but really I fall into that category as well. I absolutely love the concept and idea behind having a small footprint, having a home that’s 100% mobile, yet doesn’t look like the typical “trailer” we’ve all grown to dislike (no offense).

Trailer as a foundation

Rather than installing a foundation for the container, as discussed in pt.2 of this series, what if it permantently sat on a trailer (on wheels) with the landing gear down? The idea is the container could literally be moved wherever you want without requiring a new foundation in each location. On grass, a bit of gravel and maybe a flat metal plate under the landing gear to distribute the load could be sufficient for “longer term” parking.

container trailer

That’s essentially what these “tiny homes” do, except in this case it’s a container. This also solves the earthquake resistance issue, since the tires should absorb much of the tremors and prevent the container from tipping over (hopefully?).

container office

Something to think about…

2018-10-11 01:37:13 UTC