057 2018-12-05

Making my own bread

In Japan, particularly in Kamakura, it is extremely difficult to find decently priced 100% natural and healthy whole-wheat bread.

One of my favourite bakeries charges roughly $1 per slice (they’re sold in packs of 4 slices for ~400yen). It’s crazy, but the alternatives such as convenience store bread, are horrible.

I was tipped off about the idea of making my own bread, so a short visit to my favourite recycle shop found me returning home with a practically new Panasonic bread maker for less than $50 (it’s $300 new). The “catch” was it didn’t come with an instruction manual or measuring cup. Hah! I quickly found the manual online while I was still in the store.

bread 1

Success on my first try

My first attempt was a whole wheat bread with the following ingredients:

  1. 100% natural organic whole wheat
  2. Flax seeds (yes, I totally brought some from Canada)
  3. Macadamia nuts
  4. Maple syrup
  5. Rolled oats

Amazingly, it worked perfectly on my first try. It tastes delicious, and even better when topped with some peanut butter.

bread 2 bread 3

Moving forward

With this machine, I hope to never buy shitty Japanese bread ever again (I’m looking at you, shokupan).

As I gain better control of my quantities, I’ll start to experiment with other ingredients and flavours, but for now this is awesome!

2018-12-06 00:06:50 UTC